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Extreme A3
The Extreme A3 is one of the most accurate units of its type in the market at 1mm @ 30m. Combine this with a 100m capable wireless remote and a 800m diameter detection range and you have one of the best lasers available. Perfect for large scale plumbing, construction and excavation works, the Extreme A3 has automatic motorised-levelling and grades manually in X, Y and dual grade (X&Y axis). The unit comes with multiple power options including rechargeable batteries, mains power and 'C' cells and car charger so you'll never be caught short on site. The unit is robust with alloy body parts, IP66 dust & water rating PLUS a 6 Year Warranty against manufacturing faults*. Kit includes: A3 Unit, Detector & Clamp, Remote, Charger,240V Adaptor, 'C' Cell Battery Compartment, Car Charger, Laser Enhancement Glasses and Target in a tough protective carry case.

Horizontal and vertical laser for interior applications. Similar functions to the FL 240HV but incorporating a green laser diode for improved visibility under difficult measuring conditions such as bright surroundings and long distances.


  • Visible laser beam
  • 2 rotating speeds
  • Variable scanning mode
  • Laser point mode
  • Slope setting up to 5 ( 9%) in X and Y axis
  • Permanent 90 plumb beam
  • TILT function
  • Remote control screen (on/off)
  • Closed top cover housing offers excellent protection against dust and water

The Leica Lino L2G+ cross line laser projects highly visible lines at right angles to one another. The Leica Lino L2G+ uses the latest green laser technology, making the lines more visible and clear. Plain and simple, this laser will make it easier for you to see your reference line. Even with this new technology you can still get 7 hours out of one set of batteries.
  • Best-in-class laser line visibility
  • Projects clear, crisp laser lines
  • Horizontal, vertical and cross lines
  • 180 horizontal fan angle
  • Accuracy 1.5 mm @ 5 m
  • Lock function for any inclination
  • 7 hours working time with only one set of batteries
Optical Square