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Elevating Tripod

Futtura FT-HD-T Aluminium 1700 to 3030mm

GEO FENNEL FET420 Theodolite

A range of versatile easy to use electronic theodolites to suit all applications from construction to surveying. Large illuminated LCD displays for optimum readability – flexible, reliable, affordable. The FET 405K and FET 420K are equipped with a two-axes compensator.


  • 2 large easy-to-read LCD‘s
  • Simultaneous reading of horizontal and vertical circle
  • Illumination of display and field of view
  • Clockwise / anti-clockwise horizontal angle reading
  • „0“ set or hold of horizontal circle at any desired position
  • „V“ circle reading angle gon/ degrees or % of slope

Laser Glasses

For clearer viewing of lasers available for red or green lasers

The Leica Lino L2G+ cross line laser projects highly visible lines at right angles to one another. The Leica Lino L2G+ uses the latest green laser technology, making the lines more visible and clear. Plain and simple, this laser will make it easier for you to see your reference line. Even with this new technology you can still get 7 hours out of one set of batteries.
  • Best-in-class laser line visibility
  • Projects clear, crisp laser lines
  • Horizontal, vertical and cross lines
  • 180° horizontal fan angle
  • Accuracy ± 1.5 mm @ 5 m
  • Lock function for any inclination
  • 7 hours working time with only one set of batteries