CHCNAV I89 GNSS Receiver

CHCNAV I89 GNSS Receiver


The i89 Visual IMU GNSS is a compact surveying tool featuring a 1408-channel GNSS module, enhancing RTK availability even in challenging environments. Its CHCNAV iStar2.0 software includes advanced ionospheric modeling algorithms, achieving a high-integrity RTK fix rate, especially critical in regions with intense solar activity. The AUTO-IMU technology eliminates the need for manual initialization, streamlining field operations for increased efficiency. Additionally, the i89 offers an impressive 16.5-hour battery life and a lightweight design at 750g, ensuring optimal productivity throughout various surveying tasks.

The i89 boasts Visual Surveying capabilities, providing accurate 3D coordinate extraction from real-world video and simplifying measurements in locations with signal obstructions, limited accessibility, or safety concerns. The combination of panoramic capture mode and integrated IMU significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of photogrammetric surveys. Furthermore, the integrated AR visual navigation and stakeout features can halve the operator’s workload, regardless of their experience level.



A Compact, Efficient, Pocket-Sized Visual IMU RTK Receiver

ISTAR 2.0 & Ionosphere Mitigation
Boost fix rate over 96% in ionospheric active regions
The CHCNAV i89 GNSS receiver delivers unmatched performance with its 1408 channels and integrated SoC for full constellation tracking. Robust algorithms increase fix rates by 15%, even in harsh environments. CHCNAV iStar2.0 and ionospheric interference rejection technology provide an outstanding 96% reliable fix rate, ideal for low-latitude regions with high ionospheric activity. Its narrow-band multipath mitigation ensures accurate RTK measurements, and its hybrid GNSS engine offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

AR Navigation & Stakeout
50% time savings for less experienced operators
The i89’s AR visual navigation and staking simplify field operations, saving even the most inexperienced operators up to 50% of their time. By tightly integrating technologies, the i89’s GNSS, IMU, and Visual systems are 10 times more reliable than standard gyroscope-based GNSS. The 1.5 GHz processor enables seamless dual-camera operation, while 5.8 GHz adaptive Wi-Fi ensures fast AR data transfer. Virtual Pole Tip™ (VPT™) technology enables real-time visualization of points over the CAD project design. Versatile AR Stakeout supports many applications, including linear, CAD-based, boundary staking, and more.

Visual Survey Excellence
Measure previously inaccessible points with precision
The i89 brings the power of vision to GNSS surveying, enabling accurate measurements of points where signals are obstructed, or access is difficult or unsafe. Its premium cameras extract survey-grade 3D coordinates from real-world video, offering efficiency and reliability. Dynamic panoramic capture mode with 85% overlap improves efficiency by 60% for exceptional accuracy. The integration of high-precision IMU data into the video photogrammetry algorithm significantly enhances point measurement performance.

Auto-IMU Technology
Efficiency and precision in every measurement
The CHCNAV i89 GNSS Receiver’s built-in, interference-free 200 Hz Auto-IMU eliminates manual initialization and provides reliable measurements. Automatic pole tilt compensation guarantees accuracy within 3 cm over a 60-degree tilt range, saving up to 30% time while maintaining accuracy.

16.5-Hour Battery Life & IP68 Design
Extended battery life, efficient and durable
The i89’s high energy density battery provides up to 16.5 hours of operation. Its 18W intelligent, fast charge for a full battery charge in just 3 hours increases operational efficiency and extends battery life. Its compact 750g design seamlessly fits GNSS, IMU, and two cameras into a pocket-sized receiver through optimal camera integration, reducing volume and height. It is IP68-rated and can withstand a 2m mast drop.

Efficient 3D Modeling
Seamless 3D modeling for various applications
The i89’s video photogrammetry algorithms enable 3D modelling of buildings, facades, and monuments. It effectively allows the fusion of drone and GNSS RTK data for efficient 3D modelling over large areas, overcoming the typical distortions associated with drone-mounted cameras. Additionally, the i89’s compatibility with industry-standard 3D modelling software ensures flexibility and convenience for users.

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