Leica Piper 100 Green Beam Pipe Laser

Leica Piper 100 Green Beam Pipe Laser



Leica Piper 100G Green Beam Pipe Laser

Green Beam

The Piper Green series offers you four times better visibility of the laser providing you higher levelling accuracy. This allows you to work at longer distances from the instrument position even in bright conditions. Often used in water and sewage the green series improves the usability also in those use cases.



Compact & Rugged

Leica Pipe Lasers are the smallest pipe lasers in the market fitting inside a 100 mm/4 in pipe. There is no compromise, with the Leica Piper you have a small pipe laser providing the highest performance standards. And there is more, with the housing rolled up to ± 3°, the Piper will compensate and correct for the grade errors due to its Automatic Grade Compensation

Extensive Laser Experience

Leica Geosystems is your partner with the longest laser experience in the market. Continuously aiming for the best quality and recognised for high standards, Leica also offers you first class service and support.

Trustful Long Range Precision

Our leading position in expertise when it comes to laser technology gives you the trust in long-range accuracy within every environmental condition.