Leica Rod-Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver w/ Bracket

Leica Rod-Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver w/ Bracket

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  • Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver
  • Grade Rod Bracket
  • Batteries
  • Instructions/Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty


Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital

Professional Receiver

The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital receiver is designed to pick up the laser beam from a rotary laser. It is a professional grade receiver with a digital readout, half millimetre accuracy, and strobe rejection. The LCD readout displays digital values in inches, fractions, and 100th of a foot, millimetres or centimetres. This receiver has a front and back LCD display for easy readout from either side. The laser detection window is 5″ allowing you to easily find and detect the beam. Audio indication can be set to low and high as needed. The housing is rugged and includes protective rubber overmold on the edges and corners to soften the bumps and drops it receives on the job site. The unit also includes a grade rod bracket with integrated level vial. It will detect laser signals up to 4,430 ft (laser dependent) and detects visible and invisible lasers in the 600-800nm spectrum. There are five detection accuracies of, +/- .02″ +/- .04″, +/- .08″, +/- 0.12″, and +/- 0.20″ to suit your application needs.

Digital readout – the large numbers are clear and easy to read so you can stay on grade. Capture function allows the user to store and display a measurement.

Anti-strobe protection – detects and ignores the flash from strong strobes on the job.

Beam finding Passing the receiver through the laser beam will cause the receiver to beep twice quickly

Out-of-beam display If the detector is moved out of range, the arrow display will indicate the direction to move to return to the laser beam

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm


Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Laser Receiver w/ Bracket         

  • Professional receiver with digital readout, half mm accuracy
  • Digital readout of measurements in mm, cm, inches, fractions of inches and feet
  • Dual LED display
  • Beam finding double beeps
  • 3 Bright LED indications
  • Five detectable accuracies
  • 50-hour battery life
  • Anti-strobe protection
  • Laser Low battery alert
  • Four audio settings for noisy job sites
  • Capture digital readout for convenient height readings
  • 15 arrow display channels

Technical details for the Leica Rod Eye 160

  • Working diameter 1.350m
  • Extended detection window 120mm
  • Numeric readout height 90mm
  • Detectable spectrum 600nm – 800nm

Detection Accuracies

  • Ultra fine ± 0.5mm
  • Super fine ± 1.0mm
  • Fine ± 2.0mm
  • Medium ± 3.0mm
  • Coarse ± 5.0mm




Leica Rod Eye 160 Receiver User Manual.pdf

Leica Rod Eye Receivers – Datasheet.pdf