Leica Rugby 620 & RE160 Receiver

Leica Rugby 620 & RE160 Receiver

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  • Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level
  • Rod Eye 160 Digital Receiver
  • Bracket
  • Charger
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Instructions
  • Calibration Certificate 
  • 3 Years Warranty


Leica Rugby 620 & RE160 Receiver – Rotating Laser

Simple & Reliable No Mistakes Possible          

The Leica Rugby 620 is an accurate, easy to use, self leveling horizontal laser with manual grade capability.

Where Leveling Stays Focus
Increase your productivity in leveling applications with the Leica Rugby 620 construction laser. Designed for general contractors who mainly perform form-work and concrete applications, the Rugby 620 rotating laser level offers a professional but simple leveling solution with an outstanding price-to-quality-ratio. Forget about  costly errors, rework or downtime thanks to the fully-automatic operation with the Leica Rod Eye receivers. Concrete pouring, form-work leveling, setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient.

Simple and Quick Slopes
The professional Rugby 620 laser level offers contractors application flexibility, allowing them to perform single slope applications using the manual grade control. Rugby 620 is a perfect laser tool for those contractors who occasionally need to do simple slope tasks like driveways, landscaping and parking areas. Depending on the type of the job, Rugby 620 offers operating range of 500 m with the Rod Eye Basic, and 600 m with the Rod Eye 140 and 160 digital receivers.

Tough as the Job Site
The Rugby 620 rotating laser brings ruggedness and reliability to a job site with its IP 67 water and dust protection. Rugby 620 rotary laser is delivered in a package with a long-lasting Li-Ion battery.

3 Years Warranty

Calibration Certificate Included
All instruments are checked, calibration and adjustments are made as required in-house prior to sale. 

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 53 × 26 × 42 cm


Leica Rugby 620        

  • Leica Rugby 620 is an accurate, easy-to-use, self-leveling horizontal laser with manual grade control.
  • Concrete forming, pad placement and framework leveling; setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient
  • Manual slopes up to 8% in single axis

Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Receiver     

  • Professional receiver with digital readout, half millimetre accuracy & strobe rejection
  • Capture digital readout for convenient height readings




Leica Rugby 620 Manual.pdf

Leica Rugby 600 Series Brochure.pdf

Leica Rugby 600 Series Data Sheet.pdf

Leica Rod-Eye  – Datasheet.pd


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