Smart Tool Digital Level – 120cm Gen 3

Smart Tool Digital Level – 120cm Gen 3

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  • Leica Smart Tool Digital Level 120CM GEN 3


Smart Tool Digital Level – 120cm Gen 3

The SmartTool 120 cm level contains the SmartTool module permanently mounted into a durable aluminum frame. The level includes an indestructible horizontal spirit bubble vial and a plumb spirit bubble vial. Durable plastic endcaps protect the level when dropped. See “SmartTool Features” in the Main Menu for the features and functions that make the SmartTool the longest manufactured, longest lasting, most accurate, and most popular digital level in the world.

The 120 cm SmartTool is perfect for professional carpenters, framers, railroad workers to span rails, concrete workers across wide forms, and hobbyists who demand accuracy and precision beyond any other digital level in the world. SmartTool is used by most American Disability Act (ADA) inspectors and builders due to its unsurpassed accuracy and dependability.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 128 × 7 × 4 cm


Smart Tool 120cm Gen 3 – Digital Level

Waterproof, dustproof, backlit and more!

Water and DustProof IP65 Certified

  • Hose off after concrete or muddy jobs
  • Dustproof for the dirtiest environment

Back Light

  • Horizontal vial glows
  • Easy-to-read in dim to no lighting

New front cover design

  • Larger buttons for gloved fingers
  • Easy-to-read buttons
  • Recessed mode button to prevent accidental changes
  • More rugged – drop tested to over 3 feet onto concrete floor

Guided Calibration Process

  • The industry’s most comprehensive field calibration
  • Returns the level to factory accuracy for all 360¡
  • One button push then the level takes over
  • Audible beep to indicate ready to move to next step
  • Display shows orientation for next step with the word “UP”
  • Takes less than 2 minutes

Five Instant Angle Conversion Modes

  • Degrees – Machine set-up, pipe bending, saw set-up
  • Percent Slope – ADA ramps, hand rails, curbs, landscaping
  • In/ft Pitch – Fractional rise/fall over one foot run for plumbing, gutters,
  • Digital in/ft Pitch – Digital rise/fall over one foot run for easy use in application specific formulas
  • Mm/m Pitch – Metric readout for non-in/ft applications


Angle: 0º and 90º

Standard Accuracy: 0.1º

High Accuracy: 0.05º

All Other Angles: 0.2º

Range: Full 360 degrees

Temperature (ºC):  Operating -10 to +50 / Storage -20 to +65

Power: Standard 9VDC Battery

Dimensions (H x W X L): 5.92 X 2.51 x 120cm

Weight: 1.41kg